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I've been there.

Over the last 10 years, I've been through every stage of decluttering, downsizing, and letting go. From detangling an entire house to "simply" parting with an old pair of beloved jeans, I've learned how to let go and feel lighter. It's been a powerfully emotional journey, to say the least. My mission is to share the immense joy this journey has brought me. 

Feeling stuck with your stuff?

Getting around to "someday" projects rarely happens on our own accord. Whether you need guidance through letting things go, or just someone to help get the ball rolling, I can assist with your organizing projects no matter how daunting. Funny thing is, people usually spend loads more time fretting about the task of decluttering than it does to conquer it. We can do it together!

You can own less. You will love your space.

I've never met anyone filled with regret after clearing out their clutter. Why would they be? Once you've cleared a room of stuff that drains you, it's replaced with space to breathe, space for things you love, and room to evolve. 

Shift that energy!

Together, we'll bring clarity to your home's current needs. 

I'll guide you through emotionally disconnecting from your clutter, help align your space to your dreams, 

and bring contentment and happiness to your everyday surroundings. Sound heady? It is! It's also a lot of fun, and remarkably 



Let It Go

I empower you to let go of stuff, not just organize it. If you are experiencing a big change in life (or are seeking one), I can help. Whether you're looking to turn a junk room into a work space, are going through divorce, moving, grappling with an inheritance, or simply want more space to breathe, we can sift through the emotions brought on by our stuff and begin to live with less.

Patience, Experience, Empathy

And good humor! With these traits, I help get the ball rolling on what can be an emotionally daunting task. Organizing, decluttering, downsizing- it takes energy and time. And it's 100% worth it. Together, we'll make room for happiness while cleaning out that junk drawer!

Client Testimonials

"I hadn’t seen the floor of my sewing room in over 4 years. With her kindness, patience and organizational wizardry, Nicole was able to help me keep, donate and most of all, throw away many things that I’d long forgotten about. If you’ve been stressed, procrastinating or just plain befuddled as to what to do with the clutter, Nicole is your gal. She puts you at ease and makes the process so low stress it was almost fun.”

- Thuy N., Madison, WI

"We recently moved, and I was having a tough time organizing our new kitchen. Our new home, while cozy and sweet, is considerably smaller than the place we left.  Nicole helped me go through my kitchenware and clarify what was truly valuable to the space. I was really dreading doing this, but Nicole was so supportive and it was actually fun!   I immediately felt lighter, and enjoy being in the kitchen now!"

- Amy C.R., Manistique, MI

"Nicole is adept at providing a calm and practical perspective that helped me realistically evaluate the importance of all of my “things”- from everyday household items, to emotional memorabilia.  By applying this perspective to the work we did in all the cluttered areas of my home, I was able to more easily make downsizing decisions, and feel good about sticking to them.  Her down-to-earth approach made my huge organizational projects seem much more manageable- so much so that she inspired me to tackle a lot of the work on my own!"

-Cathy O., Madison, WI

"Nicole Gruter has helped me organize several spaces in my home and art studio. She has a keen eye for what is important and boundless energy and kindness to move through loads of crap without judgements.  She is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her and her work!"

-Cherie S.C, Madison, WI

“Nicole took an extremely stressful, emotional task and worked with me to streamline the organizing of an overfilled closet.  We were faced with an unexpected job change, a move (again) across the country, and had no idea how much space we would have in our new home. I kept the things that made me feel fabulous and gave away the rest. There were a couple of sentimental items that she offered to find a home for - she could see that I was stuck and with great compassion rescued me.  She is pragmatic and compassionate - a rare combination!"

-Lynda W., Bowling Green, KY

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